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ENERGY STAR® Appliances

Jul 07, 2011

Have you reviewed your home’s energy bills recently? How much do you spend on an annual basis? By installing ENERGY STAR® appliances, homeowners can reduce their energy costs and reduce pollution.

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Energy Efficient Retrofits & Programs

Jun 29, 2011

Back for another expert series is Dave Fetch from the Sun Ridge Group. In this session, Dave explains the programs available for retrofitting an existing house, what a homeowner can do to improve their energy efficiency, where to get the information and the incentives available.

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On Demand Water Heaters

Jun 28, 2011

In this expert series, Andrew Arneault (Canada Area Sales Manager with Rinnai) explains tankless water heaters, how they work and the benefits of operating this type of equipment in your home.

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Energy efficient programs for new homes

Jun 22, 2011

In this expert series, Dave with the Sun Ridge Groups gives us an overview of grants and programs for new homes.

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Green Roofs for Saskatchewan

Jun 21, 2011

In this VerEco Expert Series, Goya Ngan teaches us how rooftops can be made into attractive and productive spaces with the addition of plants. Watch the video and see examples of local green roofs and discover how they can benefit you and our environment.

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Net Zero: What does this mean?

Net zero means that a home has an annual net energy consumption of zero; it uses the same amount of energy as it generates. Energy consumption is based on heating and cooling a home, heating water, and operating the home's lights, appliances, and mechanical devices.

The VerEco Home saves energy by reducing the amount of energy the home requires, reusing waste and excess energy, and replacing conventional energy sources with alternatives.


About the VerEco Home

Canada's first Net Zero Home Exhibit is located at Saskatoon's Western Development Museum.

The home is built by VerEco Homes Inc. in partnership with WSE Technologies.

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