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Water Recycling Showers

Nov 05, 2010

Someone on a tour this afternoon mentioned that she had seen a water-recycling shower, so I scoured the internet and found this. Apparently you can find showers that will reuse their own water after a regular free-flow phase for soap and shampoo. The main benefit of this type of system appears to be for reducing water consumption for people who like to take long showers. Read more for the details on this kind of system.

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Weekend Update

Nov 02, 2010

We had a very busy Halloween weekend over at the VerEco Home: about 80 people visited (0 of which were trick or treaters)! In other news, the first Expert Series concluded less than an hour ago. Dr. Rob Dumont gave a talk about green building in Saskatchewan that included a summary of some of the ways the VerEco Home reaches net zero.

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Transportation Information: Net Zero on Wheels

Oct 28, 2010

How did we get the VerEco Home into Saskatoon? Here's how!

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Net Zero: What does this mean?

Net zero means that a home has an annual net energy consumption of zero; it uses the same amount of energy as it generates. Energy consumption is based on heating and cooling a home, heating water, and operating the home's lights, appliances, and mechanical devices.

The VerEco Home saves energy by reducing the amount of energy the home requires, reusing waste and excess energy, and replacing conventional energy sources with alternatives.


About the VerEco Home

Canada's first Net Zero Home Exhibit is located at Saskatoon's Western Development Museum.

The home is built by VerEco Homes Inc. in partnership with WSE Technologies.

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